As I stand before you today, newly appointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors and President of GHACC, I am filled with a profound sense of honor and responsibility. This moment, this ceremony, is not just about the roles we assume; it’s a celebration of commitment and reaffirmation of our dedication to the community we so dearly serve.

These distinguished individuals sharing this stage with me are much more than colleagues or fellow Board Members. They are the pillars of our community, each unique in strength and purpose, yet united in our shared mission. Taking this oath today is a solemn promise, a pledge to be the conduits to the resources that will grow more successful Haitian Businesses.

These pillars beside me, each with their own brilliance, strengths, and vulnerabilities, stand as a testament to the power of unity. Like a structure supported by its columns, our community relies on the collective strength of its leaders. When we stand together, shoulder to shoulder, we create an incredible force capable of uplifting and sustaining professional aspirations and goals that our parents, children, and neighbors are all proud to join in celebration.

Our community is a reservoir of untapped potential and hidden gems. I believe each of you here today have had insightful moments with a Haitian individual that had a lasting impression and illuminated your day.

Let us hold ourselves to the highest standards of transparency and responsibility, always mindful of the impact of our decisions. Accountability is the cornerstone of trust and integrity, and is what will define our tenure. In doing so, we not only honor our personal commitment but also fortify the trust placed in us by those we represent. I invite each one of you to join us in this noble endeavor because together as a community we are the pillars upholding the greatness this community is and will be for the years to come.

As we embark on this journey together, let us renew our commitment to active community engagement. It is through our involvement and presence that we can truly understand the needs and aspirations of those we serve. Let us be the ears that listen with empathy, the hands that offer support, and voices that speak with courage and conviction.

Thank you!

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