Our organization is comprised of many professional and talented individuals with many creative and talented skills to bring to the table.

01. Our Vision

To be the number one resource in Orlando to find quality businesses and diverse professionals. 

02. Professional

We’re pleased to have so many members from many diverse areas of expertise and backgrounds. 

03. Mission

Our mission is to serve the community, provide leadership, and be a voice. 

Proven Success

Year Over Year

Our continued internal leadership and body has continued to provide value to the community for many years. 


Annual Membership Increase

Listed Business


A Team Of Professionals

Marlyn Bonzil-Juste


Charles Duvet


Ruby Mabry


Schellie Fanfan


Loudwine NorciLus


Muriel Bissainthe


Jean Perpillant Jr.

Advisor & Media

Dr. Idler Bonhomme – Chairman

Dear Members/Community Partners,

“Lets Connect! Let’s get busy building relationships, opportunities and businesses to facilitate economic development, provide business development advice, promote trade, and assist and train our members to maintain and establish their businesses. We are determined in our efforts to bring community partners together for the betterment of all.

Simply stated, we help people in all areas of our community make connections with each other. We are grateful for all our members and desire for all to prosper and grow. To help our members’ businesses, we provide a variety of networking, advertising, educational, and social opportunities over the course of the calendar year. We also support collaborative efforts with other local Chambers in the region. G.H.A.C.C. also encourages residents and members to bring forward new ideas on how we can best serve each other to improve our community and our Chamber of Commerce.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you.
Love Your Life (LYL),
Dr. Idler Bonhomme
Chairman & GHACC Boards

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