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Being a member of GHACC opens up direct access to area organizations that provide business resources, seminars, training, certification, funding, and so much more. Our partnership with the National Entrepreneur Center includes opportunities for our members to meet with and gain direct access with organizations that are solely in place to assist small business with empowerment and exponential growth.

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There are so many opportunities for small businesses to leverage, but stumbling into this information can be challenging. We have a collection of resources to provide our members to place them with the right people and leaders and find success.


Each month we host a networking event called Let’s Connect! It’s a fun after hours time of meeting other entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, and professionals, and always features a special guest that delivers priceless presentations that would otherwise cost thousands to get access to.


We are partnered with some big organizations that not only employ a sizable percentage of our community, but also have products and services that have big benefits that our members and community enjoy sharing and taking advantage of.


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