Our Vision

Chamber Views and Goals

To teach others to be successful, bring together local leaders and network with other business professionals. Make a Greater impact on the community. 

Mission Statement

•    Provide a network for Haitian American businessmen and women that will support and facilitate economic development both in the greater Orlando area, the United States and abroad;

•    Provide information resources and business development advice to all members, in conjunction with other Chambers of Commerce in the greater Orlando area and within the United States and abroad;

•    Actively promote trade between the different levels of Government with the State of Florida, other States and the Haitian American business community;

•    Assist and train its members to establish and maintain their businesses in the greater Orlando area.

As we work to improve our community’s economy and quality of life, your Chamber keeps these broad objectives in mind:

– To help businesses prosper and grow;
– To increase job opportunities;
– To encourage an orderly expansion and            
   development of all segments of the community;
– To contribute to the overall economic stability  of the 
– To encourage and promote private enterprise

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