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Terrie Tany

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Tany Tax & Financial Services

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My name is Terrie Tany, a skilled and meticulous accountant with a passion for numbers and financial management. With a solid educational background and extensive professional experience and excels in analyzing complex financial data, preparing accurate reports, and providing valuable insights to aid decision-making processes.

My accounting business provides a range of financial and accounting services to individuals, businesses, and organizations. These services are essential for managing finances effectively, ensuring compliance with tax laws, and making informed financial decisions. Here are some key aspects that describe my accounting business:

1. Financial Record Keeping

2. Tax Preparation and Planning

3. Auditing and Assurance

4. Financial Analysis and Reporting

5. Advisory Services

6. Compliance and Regulation

7. Payroll Services

With a commitment to integrity and accuracy, I play a crucial role in managing financial stability, providing valuable insights for business growth, and ensuring compliance with financial regulations.

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