The COVID-19 pandemic is confronting every community and sector with never seen before challenges.  The recovery for many communities may be slow and arduous. However, with strategic planning, collaboration, and calculated pacing, we will thrive again.  Therefore, we are asking you (our members) to share your experiences and insights about your business and professional challenges faced by this pandemic.

As we enter Haitian Heritage Month, we will be highlighting various members from our community to showcase their businesses.  This campaign is initiated by TeleAnacaona (TATV) in collaboration with Radio Haiti Tropical, and Radio Panik FM.  The month of May is truly engaging “L’Union Fait La Force” (Unity makes strength) with the collaborations.  Members submit your informercials to

If you own a business and/or aspire to be a business owner, this is a great time to align with an association in your community. I invite you to join GHACC. Visit

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