We can’t begin to explain how thankful we are of all the help that has been coming in for the Haiti Relief Efforts following Hurricane Matthew and the devastation in Haiti. GHACC is committed to this cause for the remainder of the year. Share this press release with your family and friends to learn about what we’re doing currently. Thank you!

Sandy Laborde
Greater Haitian American Chamber of Commerce Orlando chairman@ghacc.org

Central Florida Haiti Relief Efforts

Post-Hurricane Matthew

Following the catastrophic event of Hurricane Matthew hitting Haiti, GHACC was called into service to support with the relief effort. GHACC would like to thank the Central Florida Community along with our partners and affiliates in Haiti. Thank you to the churches, organizations, businesses, family and friends who donated to assist the victims in need. We appreciate those who volunteered to pick up donations, drive trucks, package boxes, deliver the items to the port, and assist with international shipping. Thank you for caring for the people of Haiti.

We would also like to update you on where we are currently, and at what capacity we are operating. We are still accepting donations for the victims of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. The list of donations has been updated to better suit the needs of the people (list available on the website ghacc.org). Please refer to the official list if you’d like to continue making donations. Also, we are accepting offers for people to make their facility drop off locations. Please contact us to make your facility an official drop off location before making it public. At that point, we will pick up the items and deliver them to the port for shipping. We are working with two organizations, which are shipping donations at no cost (Haiti Relief Items Only).

In addition to that, we are assisting with monetary donations. We have decided to support several Non-Profit Organizations that we trust and are very familiar with. If you would like to make a monetary donation please choose from the organizations listed and we will get you in touch with them.

Sow A Seed (Relief & Support for Orphans)
Global Haitian Advancement Through Education & Sports (Youth Sports & Academic Citywide Program) Tear Fund (Recovery & Community Relief Organization)
Parole & Action (Child Development Institution)
Giving All (Clinic)

These are currently the organizations that we are working with. We can vouch for any donations that you decide to give them. If there is an organization that you feel we should add to the list please contact us directly. We’d like to thank each of these organizations for all of the hard work they’ve contributed thus far.

With that being said, we’d like to share that GHACC has started a Water Campaign asking everyone to donate a minimum of $3, providing a family in need with a case of water manufactured locally in Haiti. We support the efforts and donations coming in from abroad, although as an entity that understands the importance in supporting local businesses—we’re asking that you please donate $3 or more so that a family can have clean water. With the threat of cholera on the rise again in Haiti, it’s important that families have clean water to drink. You can donate by clicking the Water Campaign link on ghacc.org.

Lastly, GHACC Orlando has decided to focus on Haiti Relief Efforts for the remainder of 2016. We have postponed all events until the New Year. Not only are we here to support our community economically but we are also here to give a helping hand in ensuring that our friends and loved ones back home are safe. This is a community effort. We welcome anyone wanting to join us in making a difference. Thank you for all you have done and everything you will continue to do.

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Sandy Laborde
Greater Haitian American Chamber of Commerce Orlando chairman@ghacc.org
Central Florida Haiti Relief Efforts Donation List

Medication/First Aid Kits

Aspirin/Ibuprofen Pedialyte
Cold Medicine/Drops Diarrhea Medicine Vitamins
Eye drops
Over the counter meds

Sanitation Items

Hand Sanitizer
Hand Soap
Insect Repellent

Water Purification

Drinking Water Treatments
(Liquid Drops)

Hygiene Product

Feminine Pads
Tooth Brush
Tooth Paste

Baby Items

Diapers/Rash Cream
Wipes Formula/Powder
Baby Food
Pacifier/Teething Items



Hardware Tools

Garbage Bags
Heavy Gloves
Screw Drivers

Lighting Devices

Duct tape

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