Featured Business of the Month:

This is a great way that the Chamber provides for you to promote your business.  When you sign up for this program, the Chamber will use its available resources to elevate the exposure of your business for an entire month.  Your busines will get featured in our monthly newsletter and/or publication.  Part of the option package may include a fresh new logo or flyer for your business designed by our talented graphics team.  The package includes a one hour interview on a local Haitian Radio.  Finally, you end the month with a presentation our business mixers with optional powerpoint or projected slides.

Please review the Mixer Package in pdf format and contact our Event Planning Chair for more information: 407-308-5803

Event Partnership Proposal:

The Chamber often gets requests from organizations and/or individuals for partnerships to do particular events.  We have developed certain policies and guidelines designed to formalize but also simplify the processs of requesting partnership from GHACC to work on a particular project or event.

Please review the Proposal Guidelines in pdf and contact our Secretary for more information: 407-308-5803.

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