As the President of the Greater Haitian American Chamber of Commerce, I feel compelled to address the devastating and violent situation continuing in Haiti. Our beloved country is enduring a profound period of turmoil at the hands of armed terrorist groups carrying out unspeakable acts on innocent citizens without provocation.

It’s with a heavy heart that I make this statement, but it’s important to visualize the reality of watching a neighbor or family member cry out for help while their life is expiring in front of you and you’re powerless to save them. To live day and night with a fear that you may find the same fate yet still need to persevere to continue providing a life and wellbeing to your family and loved ones. The blatant disregard for life exhibited by these armed groups is utterly unacceptable and defies the very essence of human decency.

The disparity between the resources and armament of the Haitian Police Forces and the sophisticated weaponry at the disposal of these gangs is alarmingly wide.

The Police force, despite their best efforts, are having to put themselves in harm’s way and risking their lives due to the lack of resources and training to effectively neutralize these aggressive forces. This imbalance not only jeopardizes the safety and security of our citizens but also continues to undermine the fabric and democracy of Haiti’s society. Unfortunately, this is only the newest signal to remind the world and neighboring countries of the immediate need for peace and stability in our nation.

We stand together in mourning and solidarity with the families and citizens who have suffered immensely at the hands of these violent gangs. We urgently call for a collective effort to address this crisis. The need for security and stability in Haiti cannot be ignored or overstated. It is crucial for the international community, Haitian government, and civil society organizations to come together to usher in a restoration of peace and order. Our people deserve the right to live in a society where safety is a given and violence is not the norm.

The path to recovery and peace is undoubtedly challenging, yet it is by no means impossible. History has many examples of similar journeys to reclamation, and each was successfully accomplished by the converging of fellow nations, lifting the yoke and burdens too massive for one but bearable with the aid and support of all.

The Greater Haitian American Chamber of Commerce remains steadfast in its support for initiatives aimed at rebuilding and strengthening our community.

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